Updating Hyper-V to RTM

As is usually the case when you’re under pressure to push a new release of an app for a client, something goes horribly wrong.

What went wrong tonight is simple: my Server Core install was never updated to hyper-v RTM, but windows update did its job fine on one of the client VMs that also runs Server 2008. Suddenly, the whole server is down.

Second install on the core install and still failing. I wonder how I’m going to apologize profusely to my client tomorrow. Oh the joy.

[Update 03:22: License wasnt activated properly, trying yet another install…]

[Update 04:05: Need my bed. Trying an uninstall of the role, followed by an update with the .msu. If that works I’ll reinstall the Hyper-V role tomorrow]

[Update 04:13: Apparently uninstalling the role rebooted the machine which then updated itself on its won with the RTM version. Don’t know if I should cry or laugh. Reinstalling the role now (seeing as there’s one less boot as previously expected, I have a boot to spare)]

[Update 04:27: All back in order, machines are up. Lost 6 hours of my life, less than impressed.]