Porting the Suteki Shop to OpenRasta

Mike Hadlow has just announced the commercial release of Jump the Gun, an online shop based on his Suteki Shop cms. Mike is an extremely bright guy that I’ve met quite a few times at various conferences, and he’s built it all on asp.net MVC.

Because OpenRasta doesn’t have much of a documentation at the moment, and because it would be nice to have a comparison between the two systems, I’ve offered Mike to start porting Suteki to OpenRasta sometime over the weekend. The good news is that it will live side-by-side with the existing Suteki Shop. I’m leaning towards calling it Sutekool :) . And then we’ll be able to compare the performance and flexibility of both frameworks. I’ll porbably learn a lot in the process,

Thanks Mike for the great work and for the opportunity of having the first side-by-side comparison of asp.net MVC and OpenRasta! Now if we had someone porting it to monorail, we could have a real overview of what the .net MVC world has to offer.