#TechEd – Keynote

[Update: Indeed, the unannounced stuff was the sharepoint visual studio integration. Paul Andrew just blogged about it.

Introduction from the business guy. I assume the black blocks in front of the stage the presenter keeps looking at is some sort of teleprompter. It’s always very annoying to see any speaker fixed on his slides / script.

Talking about how great it is to do business in Europe. Slides showing partners. Still don’t understand why a developer conference ends up with marketing and business cases. Could they do TechEd decision makers and stop boring me with all this amazing stuff people do with Microsoft software? Or at the very least try and hit my geek soft spot?

Zander is now on stage. No powerpoint, just Visual Studio demos. Thanks god a geek is finally presenting. Will be releasing stuff not talked about at PDC. Good! Wonder if that’s in the bits we got at PDC, need to rerun the VM tonight.

Showing the reflector equivalent that’s built in vs10, which we’ve seen at PDC. Showing assembly dependency analysis, delving into class dependencies. Sequence diagrams (see pdc bits). Gets me worried to see all this UML stuff creeping back in.

Showing off the blackbox replay for testers. Sweet if it comes for free, other tools have provided this for quite a few years now.

So the machine they’re demoing is actually being RDP’d into. Wow. Showing off vista’s graphics capabilities!

More WPF editor goodness. Still no sign of the new windowing promised for vs10. Lot of code visualization stuff. Mentions of MEF (@gblock is gonna be happy :) ).

Trying to debug a session, find the bug… But changes live code without writing a single unit test to confirm the problem. There really is a need for Microsoft to start a cultural change.

In no particular order, saw snippets for xml and javascript, jquery, web deployment and a test-first demo of MVC. There’s still a lack of understanding of the difference between test-driven and test-first, shame the two words are still used interchangeably. Some VB10 goodness.

Xml transformations for config files. So you mean I can solve my config problems with some config solutions? Wow.

Some sharepoint stuff I have no interest in, dozing off.

C++ parallel_for keyword to use 8 cores to do ray rendering of pong in 3d. Some touch support to move the pong cursor (what, you mean with a touch screen i can move stuff around? Wow.)

That part of the keynote has been delivered perfectly, but what was shown was mostly PDC stuff. Not seen that many non-PDC news, but maybe I missed a bit (or was that the Sharepoint thingy?)