Visual Studio 2008 has buggy windowing code introduced in SP1… And no hotfix planned!

Update: Microsoft has released a hotfix. Thanks!

This issue keeps on coming up in my day to day work, and it takes me an hour or so everytime to fix… Whenever you have to deal with docked windows and visual studio changes the mode it is in, you end up with a fatal crash. It can happen when you start debugging, when you stop debugging, when you open a project or when you close the app.

This issue was, of course, not in the original vs2008…

These are the bugs I collected on Connect explaining the problem in more details. Microsoft has said they won’t fix because the code has been rewritten in vs10… But considering the stability of it at the moment, I want a hotfix now!

Anyway, here are the links. Don’t hesitate to nag everyone you know in DevDiv until someone takes responsibility to release a hotfix.

VS Shell team, do your homework and fix your regressions!