Speaking Agenda

It’s been an exciting weekend. Thanks to a few prople with webcams, those of us that weren’t in Seattle have been able to follow some of the discussions at the alt.net seattle conf and discuss about them. You can see the recordings yourself from Ben and from Scott. Makes not being in Seattle nearly bearable.

The great other news is that you have voted for my asp.net MVC best practices talk at both DDD Belfast on the 4th of April and DDD Scotland on the 2nd of May!

Here’s a recap of where I’ll be in the next few months:

  • 3rd April – Agile Belfast - When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward
  • 4th April – DDD – Belfast – asp.net MVC best practices
  • 15th April – VistaSquad – London – asp.net MVC Introduction (although this may integrate parts of the best practices talk)
  • 18th April – WebDD 09 – Reading – asp.net MVC best practices
  • 22nd April – Gl-net – Gloucester - When agile goes bad: how to stay calm and move forward
  • 2nd May – DDD – Glasgow – asp.net MVC best practices
  • 5th May – VBUG – London – Discovering OpenRasta
  • 11th May – SkillsMatter’s Progressive .NET workshop – London – OpenRasta, an MVC Framework
    While MVC frameworks are gaining acceptance in the .net world, few leverage the full richness of web technologies. OpenRasta was designed from the ground-up to embrace them, while providing for a very large amount of extensibility. In this workshop, you'll learn what resources are, how to design your code around them and how to leverage REST.
  • 14th May – SkillsMatter’s WebTech Exchange – London – REST, an introduction, followed by REST ARCHITECTURES WITH OPENRASTA

There you go. June should hopefully see me going a bit more around the country. If you want me to speak at one of your user groups, hint at your UG leader ;-)