Announcing the first London GayGeekDinner

One of the most surprising thing for me has always been an impression by many LGBT geeks that they were alone, especially around the younger crowd out there. And indeed, the tech world is always very reserved about revealing what is a very personal thing.

A group of us have been thinking for a while that it’d be nice to organize a social event to meet fellow gay geeks, have a pizza and some booze to go with it. Thanks to Ben’s effort, we’re now all set for our first event.

It will all be happening on the 24th of April.

To get the details, go to

To register, simply send an email to Registration is anonymous for those that feel more comfortable keeping things that way.

Rules are fairly simple (and stolen from the GirlGeekDinner): it’s open to any LGBT, and straights are allowed as long as they’re invited by an LGBT (only one per person people :) )

Hope to see many of you there!