Schedule of the AltNet London Beers and why I’m dropping the dot

We’ve now had quite a few very successful events with the London beers. One thing that strikes me every single time in this event is how much people are interested in discussing the why and the how of our profession, and not so much the actual tools or platform we use.

Our little community has been talking about DDD, SOLID, legacy code and many other side conversations that have, in the end, had very little to do with .net, and everything to do with being a professional developer.

We’re about practices and continuous (and documented) improvement, and the attendants have made that event mostly technology agnostic. It’s something I always wanted to see happen and never had the need to push for. The name change reflects the reality of the nature of our group, rather than my personal will. Those just happen to be in sync at the moment.

So the event is now the AltNet London Beers, the event of the Alternative Network of software professionals. Let’s expand our horizon beyond what we’re comfortable with, and see if it sticks. If not I’ll put the dot back in.

On to the schedule:

  • The April edition is postponed to the second week of May (watch this space)
  • The May edition is postponed
  • The June edition will happen on the 16th June (keeping on the Tuesday schedule, but doing it a bit earlier, as Kyle Bailey is coming to London)
  • The July edition will be at the end of July, details to be announced later on.

And the good news is that we’re trying an enhanced format for the next edition. All will be revealed at the next event. See you there!