The future of OpenRasta

You may have noticed that development on OpenRasta has slowed down quite a bit recently. It’s a double-edge sword: the codebase is stable enough for most people, which has helped adoption of the 2.0 branch quite a bit, but at the same time there are new features that I want to see implemented.

As you probably know, I’m putting most of my energy on OpenWrap until we have a fully functioning first beta release, because I want the next version of OpenRasta to be completely built on top of it. So what is the future of OpenRasta?

OpenRasta 2.0 RTM coming to a shop near you soon

The current branch on github is going to be enhanced slightly by the addition of a few fixes / features that will close the loop for a 2.0 release:

  • Http header processing will special-case our friend Set-Cookie, which will solve a bunch of issues people have been reported when trying to use those evil babies.
  • The diagnostics output is going to be made a bit nicer by actually showing the log on the web page itself rather than the dreaded “There was an error in a contributor”.
  • I’ll pull in the fixes requested by those that want to use the binder to do constructor value injection.
  • We’ll put the nice logo we’ve had and not used for so long.

That’s it. This should happen in the next week or so.

OpenRasta 3.0

I’ve decided to rename 2.1 in 3.0, for the simple reason that I’m going to move stuff around quite a bit, all driven by my need for better componentisation of the codebase, most of it driven by OpenWrap. I’m not ready to discuss the feature-set yet, but August will be the big development push on the first iteration. Expect a lot of splitting of code, of re-evaluation of some features that are not as much in use as I’d like, and hopefully a lot of bug fixes in the process.

In the meantime…

In the meantime, you may as well get yourself acquainted with OpenWrap, because it will be mandatory for OpenRasta 3.0.

I’d also like to thank Hadi and the codebetter guys, as our bug tracking has now moved to youtrack on, at Let me know what you think of the new system.