Creating your own OpenWrap repository on a file-share

I’m feeling in a blogging mood. There are so many things that are cool in OpenWrap that you can expect quite a bit of content in the next few days.

One of the features we have in OpenWrap, and have had for a while, is using a simple file share as a remote repository.

From a command line, add a remote repository by providing a name and a path. I’ll do that a mythical server I’ll call cherenkov.

<div><b>PS C:\src\demo></b><i> o add-remote corp file://cherenkov/c$/tmp/remoterepo/</i></div>
# OpenWrap v1.0.0.0 ['C:\src\demo\wraps\_cache\openwrap-\bin-net35\OpenWrap.dll']
Remote repository 'corp' added.

Note that I could’ve created a local repository (one on my hard drive) by using file:///c:/tmp/remoterepo/ instead.

You can now publish packages. I’ll be cheeky and reuse a package I downloaded from NuPack that got converted automatically in the OpenWrap format, which I showed you how to do in one of my previous posts.

<div><b>PS C:\src></b><i> o publish-wrap corp C:\users\sebastien.lambla\appdata\local\openwrap\wraps\Castle.Core-2.5.1.wrap</i></div>
# OpenWrap v1.0.0.0 ['C:\Users\sebastien.lambla\AppData\Local\OpenWrap\wraps\_cache\openwrap-\bin-net35\OpenWrap.dll']
Publishing package 'Castle.Core-2.5.1.wrap' to 'corp'

And just to make sure, let’s go and see what is now in our remote package.

<div><b>PS C:\src></b><i> o list-wrap -remote corp</i></div>
# OpenWrap v1.0.0.0 ['C:\Users\sebastien.lambla\AppData\Local\OpenWrap\wraps\_cache\openwrap-\bin-net35\OpenWrap.dll']
 - Castle.Core
   Versions: 2.5.1

Job done.