Announcing OpenSpaceBeers, the open-space for all developers, whatever the platform

We’ve been running open-spaces for a while. It’s now time to build something new, and something that will hopefully benefit all communities.

OpenSpaceBeers are open-space monthly events, where the beer flows, the ideas fuse and the right questions get asked to all developers interested in contributing. It doesn’t matter if you’re .net, java, python, php, coldfusion, ruby, scala or basic. We all face the same issues, and there’s a lot of sharing to do.

A developer is a developer, whatever platform they’re on.

First OpenSpaceBeers is next Tuesday, 26th of October. Tickets are going to be released as follow. They will all be open at random times during the day.

  • Round 1: Today, 19th of October, 1PM
  • Round 2: 21st of October, 3PM
  • Round 3: 23rd of October, 6PM
  • Last chance: 25th of October, 9M.

Come and enjoy the best regular developer-focused event, in a relaxed pub environment.

Register on EventBrite now.