QCon, OpenRasta, OpenWrap and OpenSpaceBeers (and that’s enough OpenXxx things for now)

A great conference is nearly upon us, QCon London has opened its doors today for the first of two days of workshops. As it happens, I am presenting on OpenRasta on Thursday and on OpenWrap and composite applications on Friday.

For those of you that don’t know OpenSpaceBeers, we’re also organizing an open-space Jerry Springer style on Thursday night. It’s always very invigorating, very lively, you contribute if you want to: one hour time-boxed open space to discuss whatever you feel like on that night. Come and join by registering right now, it’s opened to everyone (QCon or no QCon).

We may see the release of a few prototypes being demoed at QCon very soon, so if you have the opportunity, come talk about OpenRasta 3.0 and OpenWrap 1.1 with me, it sure is going to be a fun ride.