.net core is getting easier to sell

The latest community stand up from the asp.net team just announced a big rename.

.net core is now an independent release. asp.net core becomes a 1.0 on top of .net core, EF 7 becomes an EF Core 1.0.

I like the change. A lot of people, involved like me in pushing Microsoft technolgoies, have been finding it hard to separate the new stack from the old one, and communicate how much of a difference is going to come from this whole new world.

There is a lot of value for any platform to reset. When I started .net in 2000, there was little, and it was a selling point for us. I’ve followed the platform for 15 years, and know a lot due to the simple fact that I’ve been around… New comers would find it hard to find their way around all this added construction, which tends to make systems slower to build, and harder to understand.

Having a new 1.0 is both reflective of where the tech is, and of the difficulty articulating clearly to clients the amount of work involved in moving on to this much better new world.

Microsoft may well be changing fast enough to confirm my assessment that, in 5 years time, it will be a radically different company from anything us old guard ever saw.

That said, between the name change, and the .net standard nuget targets, which are both a good development, one has to wonder if RC was a bit of an early name. A lot of conversations were had at NDC last week about this, and I wish the team would communicate on how this experience may inform decisions going forward.