Arrived in Barcelona - The goods

DSC00015Got in Barcelona alright. Had a goo time so far. Big bag of good with yet another unwearable t-shirt. Am I the only skinny person attending these conferences? An XL t-shirt when you wear XS is ludicrous.

Here's a picture with all this content. Look at the size of this tshirt, it's mental! It's probably going to join the rank of numerous ones that I use exclusively for DIY.

The bag is cool though, very good quality, and such an obvious tool to make your colleagues jealous when you go back to the office. I'll keep my Muji though, I like my bags like I like my laptops: slim.


Getting ready for TechEd

  • Configuration of Windows Home Server for remote access - checked
  • Full backup of the laptop on DVD - checked
  • Spare external hard drive - checked
  • International access for the 3g card - checked
  • 1080i camcorder - checked
  • Digital camera - checked
  • Lab machines assigned DNS and RDP - checked
  • Online Check-in - checked

Still to do (or why i won't get much sleep)

  • Finish the automatic encoding / transfer of Hi-def videos to my media server
  • Finish my DV application
  • Find some use for all this video equipment (maybe a daily video blog of what I saw....)
  • Finish rewriting some Windows Live Writer plugins work for real-time blogging
  • Finishing installing the SDKs I may need to have fun coding when there.
  • Try to find out who's going and where are the good parties.

May I mention I'm thrilled? :)

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Working with Sql user instances

Just a quick note, as I've not been very active on this blog for the last few weeks. I still have a lot of content in the pipeline so expect a new tips'n'tricks article next week. I've been preparing some stuff to publish at TechEd as well, so if you are going to be around let me know I'll show you some fun stuff.

Also I'll be releasing a tool to help work with sql express user instances and attached database files that I've been working on. Hopefully you'll find this useful.

Stay tuned...