WPF Snippets

VS Extensions code named Cider, that will stop shipping for Visual Studio 2005 after the November CTP (which means there won't be any more support as far as I understand unless you download the CTPs of the next Visual Studio environment code name Orcas), install a few WPF snippets.

Frankly, the C# snippets are sub-optimal. So I rewrote them.

  • propdp and propa are still there, I just removed the comments, put the containing class as the owner of the event and replaced the default value as default(type).
  • propdpg for read-only dependency properties.
  • revent for a default routed event (with eventNameEvent for the static backing store and eventName for the CLR event wrapper.
  • reventt for a tunneling event, with the Preview naming convention.

File iconwpf.vsi


Back? Yeap.

Oh it's been such a long time. I don't have the specific date of my last post on my former thetechnologist web site, but it was quite a while ago. I lost interest. Sad reality of the technological landscape, one can get too much work and comes a time you just need to simplify. So I did. I also lost my domain name because paypal returned all my payments asking me to validate who i was through 250 different documents to return. I'm sure they'd have wanted a DNA sample at one point or another. Result, an hour later the domain name was registered to one of these advertisement companies. Side effect, the archives are no longer on google either. So SerialSeb it is now, still .net but much more WPF! Oh and I have the same issue with SerialSeb.com i've still not managed to get back either, so blogger will be hosting me for the moment. Welcome back :)


Google querry and a hmmmm moment.

Hmmmm. Every morning I happen to check my referrers logs, to see who’s coming to see my rambling, how many subscribers, that kind of things. Fame is coming, as the number of my readers have increased a lot over the last couple of days (surely thanks to the register once again showing the story about BOA, which in turn link to my blog). But with fame comes the gossips. And here is the kind of gossips I get (based on the google queries I receive):

"sebastien lambla" gay (www.google.co.uk) which triggers a mere 4 results.

What can I say. I have to admit I laughed at that one for a good 10 minutes. And before having my first coffee, that’s a very very rare occurrence. To have a bit of fun, here’s a small table for you gossip junkies:

“Sebastien Lambla” sex

6 results

“Sebastien Lambla” marketing

5 pages

“Sebastien Lambla” scoble

7 pages

“Sebastien Lambla” don box

8 pages

“Sebastien Lambla” straight

3 pages

Now that may or may not be relevant. But I don’t really see how the query in itself was relevant!

My message to you curious people wondering about my flourishing sexuality, frankly, don’t bother. Now that Andrew Hayden-Smith (pictures here) has done his official coming out, why would you be bothering with me.