Yahoo blogging... Marketing marketing...

Just read from Scoble that Yahoo search team starts blogging... There's always a start, but this one looks like a PR announcement. Let's hope they get better in the next few days.

Have you noticed how much a lot of corporate blogs actually are PR announcement mailing lists using RSS feeds? The corporate world has a world collision shock to do if it wants to adopt blogging as a real communication tool. And this is a great challenge!


Transcription made easy

Still from Julien (am clearing my work backlog), this tool lets you transcript easily video and audio. I can think of a nice applciation for synched lyrics in windows media player... Karaoke editor anyone? :)


Serialization and code emitting

And finally, in the "I follow Julien's tracks", a really nice MSDN article about how the XBOX live team reads and writes data with their C++ clietn using both reflection and code emit. I used a very similar approach with CoAD, but i was using templated compile time code generators. I might adopt this technique with the development of CoAD v3, as the template is starting to be very messy (mainly because of the bad habit of C++ devs to include refs in some fields based on the value of another, etc).

I will post some code about that in the future. Don't have the time now though!